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  Travertine Switch Plates and Outlet Covers





Travertine switch plates and outlet plate covers make a beautiful finishing touch to any travertine back splash. Scabbas travertine switch plate When you send us your travertine, please choose tiles with the least amount of voids or filled areas.Decora tumbled travertine switchplate If you have filled your stone yourself then it is best to send us your stone unfilled, and then fill your switch plates after you get them back. This will ensure that any voids that appear when we radius the edges are filled. It is also best not to seal your stone before sending it to us but to wait until you get your switch plates back before sealing them.  If your stone is pre-sealed then you will want to seal the radiused edges.



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Tumbled Durango travertine switch plate


Tumbled travertine decora switch plate

Tumbled travertine duplex switch plate


Tumbled chiaro travertine switchplate













Double gang tumbled travertine cover plate


Double tumbled travertine cover plate

Tumbled travertine cover plate


Tumble travertine cover plate













Honed Peruvian Travertine switch plate


Honed Peruvian Travertine switch plate

Picasso Travertine switch plate


Picasso Travertine switch plate













Tumbled Noce Travertine switchplate



Noce Tumbled Travertine switchplate

Here are two travertine switch plates without radiused edges for "tileing in" the back splash


Flush mount travertine switch plates















Tumbled Travertine switch plate cover


Tumbled Travertine switch plate cover